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Welcome, I’m thrilled the stars have brought you here.

I took a leap of faith and created Blue Moon in January 2019. I didn't have to think about what to name it - it was simply Blue Moon! The day I started the brand, there was a blue moon, and it was also meant to be the most depressing day of the year - but I wanted to change that, so that people could see the good in each day, no matter how dark someone might feel.

Since launching in January 2019, I've built up an incredible client base, and also hosted wellness events in London.  I am now embarking on the next exciting phase of the brand with my online crystal shop.  I started selling crystals last year as clients would often ask to buy my own personal crystals.  I would recommend crystals for them to buy, however often they weren't satisfied with what they purchased, so I embarked on the next journey of Blue Moon. 


I also offer spiritual guidance,  providing clarity and answers to clients who find themselves a little lost in life and needing some clarity.  We all realise the importance of our physical and emotional health, but often overlook the importance of our spiritual health.   Sessions are completely bespoke to you and what areas of your life I feel you are needing guidance on in order to feel fully content and fulfilled.  

For high profile clients, confidentiality is of paramount importance, so I understand your wish to do in person readings.  During lockdown, I have still been able to do these - please ask your PA to send me your NDA and associated documents.  I am duty bound not to ever reveal the identity of clients - so you can be confident that I will never share online (or elsewhere) that I have done a reading for you.  For readings where you need me to fly to your location, I will need at least 7 days notice - please understand that I am usually booked up for up to two months in advance and have a duty to honour bookings which have been made. Please email me directly at hello@bluemoonspiritual.com if you wish to discuss your requirements.


Whether you book a session, buy some crystals or simply have a mooch on my website, I hope it brings you a sense of peace.  Should you choose to book, I look forward to speaking with you. If you buy some crystals, I hope that you adore them! 

Lots of love,



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