Let's get spiritual!

Hello, and welcome to The Cosmic Circle.  I do hope you consider joining a wonderful, kind and like minded group of women. 

Please check out the The Cosmic Circle, and whether or not this is something you would like to be a part of.  The first session will be on the 25th April, where there will be a group of us on zoom and you can ask any questions you like, we'll have some chit chat and possibly do some journaling and I'll do some readings and pull some cards. If you've ever attended an event, it will be similar to that - you can check the events out out here. 

I will aim to do sessions on weekends -  the first and final Friday and Saturday evenings of each month. I am keeping this quite limited for now, so that everyone gets to attend one session in the month. 

I do have some clients booked in when I had planned to launch this, so our first session will be on Sunday 25th April (I won't usually do a Sunday).

I do hope you join, it will be a privilege to have you be a part of the circle.


Zosh xxxx

To join and find out more, please click here and select The Cosmic Circle.

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