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Prior to starting the crystal side of Blue Moon, I did a great deal of research on the crystal mining industry and was saddened by what I discovered.  There are many crystals being sold to consumers, where the crystal they receive is a resin, comes from a global conflict zone, a mine with no laws and operating under slave labour, and mines where children are sent in to mine for crystals. Sometimes people are even killed when a mine collapses.   

I was determined to never source crystals from a mine like this.  If I can't get a crystal, I'll wait.  It does mean that I pay more, however I would rather pay more and know the crystals are clean.  Unfortunately, social media has meant that the crystal trade has become saturated with crystals with an unknown origin and crystals which are fake. Please don't buy crystals just because they are cheap.  Remember crystals absorb energy quickly - what's the point in having a crystal such as Rose Quartz which is for love and healing, if the person mining isn't even being paid? Or has been injured due to unsafe working conditions?

I always said I would list the country of origin for the crystals I sell.  As my range expands, I will update this.

Agate - USA, India, Brazil, Mexico, Nepal

Amethyst - Brazil, Uruguay

Amazonite - India, Madagascar, Brazil, USA

Aquamarine - Brazil and India

Aventurine - Brazil, India, Russia, Spain

Calcite - Brazil, Romania, Germany

Cat's Eye - Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Tanzania

Carnelian - Indonesia, Brazil, Siberia

Citrine - Brazil, Uruguay

Emerald - Brazil, Madagascar, India 

Fluorite - South Africa, Mongolia, France, USA

Howlite - USA

Jade - New Zealand and Guatemala

Jasper - India, Venezuela

Lapis Lazuli - Chile, Argentina

Larimar - Dominican Republic

Moonstone - Sri Lanka, Mexico, Brazil

Obsidian - USA, Argentina, Greece, Kenya

Opal - Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Canada and Australia

Rose Quartz - Madagascar, Brazil, Mozambique 

Selenite - Mexico, Poland, Argentina, Brazil

Smokey Quartz - Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique

Clear Quartz - Brazil and Madagascar

Tourmaline - Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Sri Lanka

Tiger's Eye - South Africa and Western Australia

Turquoise - Australia, Tibet and Siberia

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