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Shipping within the UK is via DPD and costs £5.50. Parcels are shipped out weekly. Please make sure you add a mobile number and email to your order, so that you can receive updates when your crystals have shipped. 

The costs for international varies by country.  You may also have to pay import fees on your order, so please bare this in mind before ordering. 


I founded Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing with one goal in mind: providing high-quality and ethically sourced crystals. Along with readings, my passion for excellence has driven me from the beginning, and continues to drive me into the future with many exciting things planned.


Every customer's experience with Blue Moon is important to me, so as such I strive to not only provide amazing crystals but also spiritual guidance which goes above and beyond.  


Paypal (if you don't have an account you can checkout as a guest).



Frequently asked questions

How long are readings?

Readings are dependant on the amount of time you have booked for your reading, however it is best to leave around an extra hour for your reading. Sometimes it is possible to schedule the second half of a reading on a different day – we can arrange this during the call.

I would like to contact you, what is the best way?

You can email me at I will reply to your email within 48 hours, 7 days a week. You can also use the contact form here

How much is postage within the UK?

Postage within the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) is £5.50 and sent via DPD, where you can trace your magical package from dispatch to arrival.

How much is International shipping?

This is very much dependant on your location. Please bare in mind when ordering that there may be additional fees you have to pay prior to receiving your parcel.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with PayPal (you don’t require an account). Laybuy is also an additional option at checkout.

I have seen a product on your website, but it says it is out of stock, do you re-stock items?

I try my best to continually replenish my online store. However, the crystal industry is quite seasonal as mines close at certain times of year, therefore it can sometimes take a little bit longer before items come back into stock. With crystals, I like to select them myself and if I am not happy with the quality and the source is unknown, I would rather wait and stock crystals that I am 100% satisfied with. Some crystals are harder to source than others. If you are wondering about a specific crystal, you can contact me at and I will try my best to let you know if I can get hold of what you require.

I just placed an order, how long is delivery?

Thank you for ordering! You should receive your order within 4-6 working days, although this may take slightly longer during holiday periods, delays caused by Brexit, industrial action and severe weather.

I just placed an order with you, but I want to change/cancel my order

Regrettably, you aren’t able to change/cancel your order after you have confirmed it. If your order hasn’t yet started being packaged, I can try and help you make any changes you require. So that I can try and help you, please contact me as soon as possible at

My crystal was damaged/broken when I received it.  What shall I do?

I am so sorry! I package crystals as best I can and it's rare for a crystal to break. If this happens, then I will send you a replacement. Email me at with your order number and a picture where you can see the break and I will help (I will need a picture to send to DPD). Kindly note that because crystals are natural minerals, all crystals are different in appearance. Some crystals have internal cracks, but that doesn’t mean your crystal is broken. Every crystal is unique - if your crystal breaks in half, it is good luck because you now have two crystals! Also, the vibrational frequency of the crystal may be synchronising with a frequency in its environment which causes the crystal to crack and/or break. Keep in mind…crystals do not die or stop working just because they’ve cracked or broken.

I have had a crystal for a few years and it has broken

If your crystal gets a chip or cracks after it was dropped or damaged in some way, it is still useable or wearable. Crystals do not lose their healing properties from this. Please don’t judge the crystal because it is not ‘perfect’ in your eyes. A Warrior Crystal is a crystal point that is covered in chips/damage, however it is a highly healing and protective crystal. If you’re okay with the damage to your crystal, then you should continue to use it. If you feel this could be because of some unwanted energy, then you can cleanse it appropriately.

I haven't received my order yet, what shall I do?

I am so sorry! Please contact me so that I can track your order, if you are unable to track it yourself.

How can I prepare for a reading?

You should make sure that you are somewhere comfortable – preferably at home in a calm and quiet space – undisturbed with no distractions. It’s probably best to have your phone on do not disturb. Have a lit candle (single flame) and any crystals which you use, in front of you.

When should I not have a reading?

You should not have a reading if you are feeling unwell – especially if you have a migraine. If you are unwell, please let me know as soon as possible either through instagram or contacting me via email You should also not have a reading within the last six weeks of a previous reading, unless it is urgent. You should not have a reading if you have had reiki within the last month. If you are undergoing any spiritual work, or on any spiritual courses, it is probably best to wait until you have finished these before you book a reading.

What can I expect from a first reading?

First readings are very thorough – until we are in the reading, I don’t know what is likely to come up. I spend quite a lot of time going through and making sure that you understand your natal chart. Every single reading is completely unique and sometimes you might have specific questions – you usually don’t have to ask them as you’ll get the answers you require.

If, during the reading you are talking about something and I want to tell you about it, should I?

It’s entirely up to you, whatever you’re comfortable with. Sometimes it can feel like I am trying to figure something out in the dark, so sometimes it can help. Whatever feels right, please don't ever feel like you have to speak about something. You have to be completely comfortable.

Can I record the reading?

Of course - just let me know. If we have a spirit visit, or something sacred which is being shared, I may need you to pause it.

What are second readings like?

Because I already know your soul/energy, I don’t have to spend time unpicking your natal chart and other aspects. Sometimes in second readings, it can mean that we go into much more depth and cover things such as past life regression and Akashic Records.c With time, the accuracy of readings improves.

Will you ever end a reading?

Yes – if you are recording the reading without asking, or aren’t taking it seriously, for example sending each card you get to friends and texting them, I will terminate the call. I need you to be totally focused. Please don't have a reading just because your friends are. Whilst it’s great that you want to share your reading experience with friends, please be respectful of me (and spirit) and wait until after the reading to feedback your experience to your friends.

How can I give you feedback?

I am enormously grateful when clients express their gratitude – the best way is via your instagram and/or TikTok story (please remember to tag me @bluemoon_spiritual) and any other social media channels you may have. There is a reviews section on my website, where you are can write a review. I'm super grateful for every review I receive! I am of course also really grateful for bookings which come via word of mouth.

I'm scared to have a reading, what happens if something bad comes up?

This is a big fear of so many people and stops so many from booking. There is never anything to fear from a reading – if there is anything negative, it’s usually related to your past or present and you’ll be aware of what it is anyway. If the cards choose to bring up an element of your present which is troubling you, you can be sure that the cards will help guide you and give you the answers and reassurance you need. The cards, crystals and candles I use are ones that I pick intuitively based on what I think your soul needs. I work from a very loving and sacred place and I genuinely want what is best for you. You can be sure that you’ll be guided with love and compassion. For any further questions, please email:

Will you ever break confidentiality?

One of the most important aspects of my business is not breaking your confidentiality. However, there may be times when I feel that you or someone else may be in danger and/or at risk of harm. I will always call the police to report this.

Do you do events?

Yes! I love doing events and have hosted wellness events and soul circles in the past - you can get a taste of them here. Events are charged upfront between £1500 - £2000 per day. Anything outside of this is to be discussed over email. This includes all food and everything needed for the event. Cancellation of events must be made 1 week prior to the event taking place and are non refundable, as I will have already invested in flowers (usually £300 per day/night), goodie bags, crystals and premium candles, plus travel and hotel expenses.

What happens if readings go over the allotted time?

Readings which go over the allotted time are invoiced following the reading.