Modern Slavery Statement for Financial Year 2020/2021

This statement is produced in line with the requirements set out in Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps that Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing LTD has taken, and is continuing to take to ensure that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place within the business or its supply chain. Modern slavery encompasses slavery, servitude, human trafficking and forced labour.  Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing has a zero-tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery. I am committed to conducting myself ethically and with integrity and transparency in all business dealings.  I only deal with suppliers who have effective systems and controls in place to safeguard against any form of modern slavery taking place within the business and its supply chain.


Since beginning Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing LTD, I made a promise to myself that I would always seek to align my personal values with that of my business. This has informed many of the decisions I have made as the product side of the business has expanded.  

It is important to me to have transparency in all areas of my business; from the way in which crystals are sourced; ensuring that the crystals are not sourced from mines which employ children and enforce slave labour.  Equally, it is important that I continue to source packaging from countries with excellent human (and animal) rights laws.  


In everything I do, I ensure that all business practises are done in the most ethical way possible, so that they conform to my principles as a brand.



Blue Moon:

Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing LTD is a female owned spiritual wellbeing business, based in the United Kingdom. 



Although a small business, Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing LTD has a number of internal policies to ensure that business is being conducted in the most ethical and transparent way possible. 

Some of the actions are outlined below:

  • Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing LTD is fully committed to ensuring that equal opportunities will be implemented and maintained should I need to ever employ anyone.  All terms and conditions of service will apply on a fair and consistent basis to every member of staff, should the need arise to take on employee(s). 

  • Code of Conduct: This explains the way in which Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing LTD conducts itself and how we expect our suppliers to act/respond.

  • Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing LTD does not deal with any supplier where the suppliers’ processes are not compliant.



Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing LTD operates a supplier policy and maintains a preferred supplier list.  To ensure all those in our supply chain comply with our values,  due diligence checks are frequently carried out on all suppliers before purchasing any stock/packaging from them. Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing LTD's anti-slavery policy forms part of our contract with all suppliers and they are required to confirm that no part of their business operations contradicts this policy. 

Blue Moon is committed to tackling modern slavery and human trafficking and continue to work with suppliers who share Blue Moon Spiritual Wellbeing's core beliefs and values.