Sustainability is at the heart of Blue Moon. As the brand grew, it was important to me that I made everything as sustainable as possible. Every single crystal is hand picked by me and I ensure that crystals are not sourced from global conflict zones, mines where slave labour is practised or where children are sent into mines.  If you're buying a crystal and it's cheap, there's a reason why. 


Back when I started selling crystals, the packaging I used was not sustainable - I used jiffy bags, non-recycled pouches and bubble wrap.  I looked at a variety of options when choosing what packaging to use for the crystals, from small boxes down to glass jars with bamboo lids (which I discovered are worse due the type of plastic used to keep the grip on the lid).

I decided on a paper can for the crystal pouches to go into, with the idea being that this wouldn't be something you would throw away. Who doesn't like a cute can or jar to keep things in?! With your paper can, you can use it as a wishing jar, your affirmations jar or simply keep your crystals in it. The cotton drawstring bags are made from old t-shirt off cuts. 

With my mailer boxes, I didn't want them to be something you would put in the recycling bin - I wanted customers to have a beautiful box to keep all your spiritual things in, so that was what I had in mind when creating it - a sturdy box which you could re-use. 

The tissue paper you'll receive your crystals in is 100% recycled, as is the mailer bag and bubble wrap - it can go straight in the compost bin - unless you find another use for it. 

A great deal of thought has gone into the packaging and how best to reduce the carbon footprint the brand is leaving on the planet.  I feel that quality has not been compromised in any way, however things have taken slightly longer to source and produce.

I hope you love your crystals and the packaging!

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how I can improve, they would be warmly welcomed - please email